Gosfield Hall Wedding Photography – Michael & Rebecca

Gosfield Hall Wedding Photography – Michael & Rebecca’s Wedding

This was our first visit to to this stunning Essex Wedding Venue for Michael & Rebecca’s wedding at Gosfield Hall and we are so glad that they booked us as their Gosfield Hall Wedding Photographers. This was an amazing day with Micheal & Rebecca surrounded by their beautiful children, family & friends it was a really wonderful wedding to be part of. The day started with torrential rain but as we arrived at the hall out came the sun and I grabbed a few shots of Michael Jane photographed Rebecca in what can only be described as the most amazing Bridal suite ever!!! it was stunning. Rebecca threw tradition to the side & walked up the aisle with their 2 children for a very emotional ceremony followed by drinks & canopies in the courtyard filled with laughter. Gosfield Hall is perfect for our style wedding photography, beautiful Gardens and low light interiors all topped of by the Great Hall for the meal & speeches. Just when you thought this wedding couldn’t get any better the evening celebrations erupted by a surprise appearance from Beverley Knight who I have to say has the most amazing voice, boy can she sing!!! All in all a truly memorable day with wonderful people in a wonderful setting, lets say we were very happy photographers on the way home. Here is a small selection of our favourite images we hope you love them D&J xx
gosfield-hall-wedding-photography-stanbury-photographer 001

gosfield-hall-wedding-photography-stanbury-photographer 002

gosfield-hall-wedding-photography-stanbury-photographer 003

gosfield-hall-wedding-photography-stanbury-photographer 004

gosfield-hall-wedding-photography-stanbury-photographer 005

gosfield-hall-wedding-photography-stanbury-photographer 006

gosfield-hall-wedding-photography-stanbury-photographer 007

gosfield-hall-wedding-photography-stanbury-photographer 008

gosfield-hall-wedding-photography-stanbury-photographer 009

gosfield-hall-wedding-photography-stanbury-photographer 010

gosfield-hall-wedding-photography-stanbury-photographer 011

gosfield-hall-wedding-photography-stanbury-photographer 011a

gosfield-hall-wedding-photography-stanbury-photographer 012

gosfield-hall-wedding-photography-stanbury-photographer 013

gosfield-hall-wedding-photography-stanbury-photographer 014

gosfield-hall-wedding-photography-stanbury-photographer 015

gosfield-hall-wedding-photography-stanbury-photographer 016

gosfield-hall-wedding-photography-stanbury-photographer 017

gosfield-hall-wedding-photography-stanbury-photographer 018

gosfield-hall-wedding-photography-stanbury-photographer 019

gosfield-hall-wedding-photography-stanbury-photographer 020

gosfield-hall-wedding-photography-stanbury-photographer 021
Thanks to Michael,Rebecca & their family & friends for their hospitality & to Jan at Gosfield Hall for all her help. If your planning a wedding at Gosfield Hall and are looking for an experienced Gosfield Hall Wedding Photographer then please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we would love to vista this venue again. D&J xx

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Hoghton Tower Wedding Photographer – sneak peek

Hoghton Tower Wedding Photographer – sneak peek Dan & Rebecca

What an amazing wedding venue, what an amazing couple, what an amazing day…. coming soon to the blog is Dan & Rebecca’s epic wedding at Hoghton Tower, did I say it was amazing!!!!

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Kilhey Court Hotel Wedding Photographers – sneak peek

Kilhey Court Hotel Wedding Photographers – Sneak Peek of Simon & Lauren

Simon & Laren’s wedding day at Kilhey Court Hotel was filled with love and coming to the blog soon, heres a sneak peek at just how much they are in love. D&J xx

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Stanley House Wedding Photography – Danielle & Jorden

Stanley House Wedding Photography – Danielle & Jorden’s Wedding

Im often asked ‘what makes a great wedding?’ is it the wedding venue, the dress, the food etc…. well to me I think its the guests because they make the atmosphere and at Danielle & Jorden’s wedding boy did the guests create a fantastic atmosphere. We are so honoured that Danielle & Jorden chose us to be their Stanley House wedding photographers, I would have hated to miss all the craziness that we had on the day. At Danielles Jane shot some great images as the girls had their hair & makeup done I met a very nervous Jorden, and his more nervous Bestman at the church which when Danielle arrived was overflowing infact it was a squeeze to get everyone inside and after the ceremony there was so many people that Blackrod village came to a standstill. Stanley House in Mellor is a fab Lancashire wedding venue & marries modern contemporary style with traditional aspects just like we do so its a perfect wedding venue for our style of photography. Danielle I have to say looked stunning, her dress was fab and with the guests really out to enjoy themselves and all the attention to detail by Danielle & her mum this turned into one memorable wedding.

stanley-house-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography-wigan 003

stanley-house-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography-wigan 004

stanley-house-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography-wigan 005

stanley-house-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography-wigan 006

stanley-house-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography-wigan 007

stanley-house-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography-wigan 008

stanley-house-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography-wigan 009

stanley-house-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography-wigan 009a

stanley-house-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography-wigan 010

stanley-house-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography-wigan 011

stanley-house-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography-wigan 012

stanley-house-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography-wigan 013

stanley-house-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography-wigan 014

stanley-house-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography-wigan 015

stanley-house-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography-wigan 016

stanley-house-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography-wigan 017

stanley-house-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography-wigan 021

stanley-house-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography-wigan 022

stanley-house-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography-wigan 023

stanley-house-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography-wigan 024

stanley-house-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography-wigan 025

stanley-house-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography-wigan 026
A huge thanks to Daniell,Jorden, their families & friends for a amazing wedding. If your planning a wedding at Stanley House and need an experienced Stanley House wedding Photographer then don’t hesitate to get in touch. See you all soon. D&J xx

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Wrightington Hotel Wedding Photography – Lauren & Jonathan

Wrightington Hotel Wedding Photography – Jonathan & Lauren’s Wedding

Weddings in Lancashire are always a treat add to that a fab couple & venue and you can’t go wrong. It was such an honour to be Jonathan & Lauren’s Wrightington Hotel Wedding Photographer as the day was fantastic. We met Jonathan at the beautiful Dalton Church with his Bestman & Ushers definitely intent on having a great day, they were great characters as the guests arrived. The arrival of the Bride is always a special moment at a wedding and it was lovely to see Lauren’s face light up as she walked to the church with her very proud Dad.Dalton Church is gorgeous inside with its candle lit altar perfect for atmospheric wedding photographs and outside its amazing with a small wooded area & pond perfect for Wedding Photography. We are proud to be the recommended wedding photographers for Wrightington Hotel and the hotel has a fab team on hand for weddings and the room was amazing, great work & vision by Lauren, everything was perfect all ready for a wonderful meal & really funny speeches after with a few surprises from Jonathans Brother in his role as Bestman… some stories I think Jonathan had preferred stayed forgotten. The Bridal suite at the hotel is really cool for the low light shots we took before the party really started with great action on the dance floor. Heres just a few of our fave images from Jonathan & Lauren’s amazing Wedding… enjoy. D&Jxx
wrightington-hotel-wedding-photographer-stanbury-photography-wigan 001

wrightington-hotel-wedding-photographer-stanbury-photography-wigan 002

wrightington-hotel-wedding-photographer-stanbury-photography-wigan 003

wrightington-hotel-wedding-photographer-stanbury-photography-wigan 004

wrightington-hotel-wedding-photographer-stanbury-photography-wigan 005

wrightington-hotel-wedding-photographer-stanbury-photography-wigan 006

wrightington-hotel-wedding-photographer-stanbury-photography-wigan 007

wrightington-hotel-wedding-photographer-stanbury-photography-wigan 008

wrightington-hotel-wedding-photographer-stanbury-photography-wigan 009

wrightington-hotel-wedding-photographer-stanbury-photography-wigan 010

wrightington-hotel-wedding-photographer-stanbury-photography-wigan 011

wrightington-hotel-wedding-photographer-stanbury-photography-wigan 012

wrightington-hotel-wedding-photographer-stanbury-photography-wigan 013

wrightington-hotel-wedding-photographer-stanbury-photography-wigan 014

wrightington-hotel-wedding-photographer-stanbury-photography-wigan 015

wrightington-hotel-wedding-photographer-stanbury-photography-wigan 016

wrightington-hotel-wedding-photographer-stanbury-photography-wigan 017

wrightington-hotel-wedding-photographer-stanbury-photography-wigan 018

wrightington-hotel-wedding-photographer-stanbury-photography-wigan 019

wrightington-hotel-wedding-photographer-stanbury-photography-wigan 020

wrightington-hotel-wedding-photographer-stanbury-photography-wigan 021

wrightington-hotel-wedding-photographer-stanbury-photography-wigan 022

wrightington-hotel-wedding-photographer-stanbury-photography-wigan 023

wrightington-hotel-wedding-photographer-stanbury-photography-wigan 024

wrightington-hotel-wedding-photographer-stanbury-photography-wigan 025

wrightington-hotel-wedding-photographer-stanbury-photography-wigan 026

wrightington-hotel-wedding-photographer-stanbury-photography-wigan 027

wrightington-hotel-wedding-photographer-stanbury-photography-wigan 028

wrightington-hotel-wedding-photographer-stanbury-photography-wigan 029

wrightington-hotel-wedding-photographer-stanbury-photography-wigan 030
A huge thank you to Jonathan,Lauren,their families & friends for a fabulous wedding, it was such a pleasure to be part of this special day. If your planning a wedding and need an experienced Wrightington Hotel Wedding Photographer then please get in touch. D&J xx

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Astley Bank Hotel wedding Photography – Georgina & Rory

Astley Bank Hotel Wedding Photography – Rory & Georgina’s Wedding

It didn’t seem like nearly a year ago since we photographed Rory & Georgina at Astley Bank Hotel on a gorgeous evening and the weather was the same for their ‘main event’ their amazing wedding. Now you can’t mention anything about the wedding without first mentioning Georgina’s shoes, WOW!!!! Georginas attention to detail was everywhere, her dress was stunning, the reception room at Astley Bank Hotel looked fantastic… details everywhere. Rory & Georgina are lucky also to have a great family & fun group of friends who all chipped in to create a fantastic atmosphere all topped of with great speeches starting with emotion and ending with a crazy best mans speech. What a great day. D&J xx
astley-bank-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography-wigan 001

astley-bank-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography-wigan 002

astley-bank-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography-wigan 003

astley-bank-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography-wigan 004a

astley-bank-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography-wigan 005

astley-bank-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography-wigan 006

astley-bank-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography-wigan 007

astley-bank-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography-wigan 008

astley-bank-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography-wigan 009

astley-bank-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography-wigan 010

astley-bank-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography-wigan 011

astley-bank-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography-wigan 012

astley-bank-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography-wigan 013
A huge thanks to Rory & Georgina for booking us as their Astley Bank Wedding Photographer, if you’re thinking of a wedding at the fab lancashire wedding venue the get in touch. D&J

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Rivington Hall Barn Weddings – Megan & Daniel Pre Shoot

Not long now until Megan & Daniels wedding at the stunning Rivington Hall Barn with its amazing backdrop of the Lancashire moors. Megan & Daniel are great fun and so easy to photograph we can’t wait for their wedding, its going to be epic!!! Here are a few images from when we met them at Rivington on a gorgeous summers evening… great light,great location & a great couple, you can’t go wrong. D&J xx
rivington-hall-barns-lifestyle-photography-stanbury 001

rivington-hall-barns-lifestyle-photography-stanbury 002

rivington-hall-barns-lifestyle-photography-stanbury 003

rivington-hall-barns-lifestyle-photography-stanbury 004

rivington-hall-barns-lifestyle-photography-stanbury 005

rivington-hall-barns-lifestyle-photography-stanbury 007

rivington-hall-barns-lifestyle-photography-stanbury 008

rivington-hall-barns-lifestyle-photography-stanbury 009
Rivington Hall Barn Wedding Photography by Stanbury Photography

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Astley Bank Hotel Wedding Photography – Georgina & Rory

Keep an eye on the blog as Rory & Georgina’s amazing Astley Bank Hotel wedding is coming soon, heres one to wet the appetite. D&J xx
astley-bank-hotel-wedding-photographers-stanbury 002

Astley Bank Hotel Wedding Photographers David & Jane Stanbury

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Wedding Photography Masterclass

Wedding Photography Masterclass in Italy

I have to say that this was a dream come true, I have had the honour of working with Hasselblad Cameras, Graphistudio & Broncolor for a few years now and this was one of those moments that come once a lifetime. We were asked to host a 5 day Wedding Photography Workshop as part of the release of Hasselblads new Flagship Camera the H5D 50cmos and to help promote Graphistudio Albums and as Graphistudio have just renovated 2 stunning locations to host photography workshops then this was a perfect match & our Italian Job became a reality. We arrived at Marco Polo airport in Venice to 35+ degree heat and after checking in to our fabulous Hotel we had a recce around Maniago, our base for the trip. The first day was held at the stunning Palazo D’Attimis in the centre of Maniago, The delegates were introduced to the cameras, lights, albums infact everything a wedding photographer needs to run a successful business then onto the main business… shooting gorgeous images in a stunning location.
hasselblad-graphistudio-wedding-masterclass-stanbury-photography 001

hasselblad-graphistudio-wedding-masterclass-stanbury-photography 002
Our models Stephanie & Simone were first up and with the old look & feel of the Palazzo D’Atimis we showed a more ‘Fine Art’ approach to how to shoot a wedding couple with a more formal look to capture a timeless feel to the image. For you photographers all my Images are shot on the Hasselblad H5D 50 cmos this image was daylight but with a broncolor move pack & soft box giving a little fill flash from above.
venice-weddings-stanbury-photography 004
I love the triangle patten of this image & boy what a look from our couple. Processed to give a timeless film like feel to the image. The lighting was just amazing and I was able to get really creative with the shafts of light flooding into the room.
venice-weddings-stanbury-photography 003

venice-weddings-stanbury-photography 006
The delegates get their shots, ably assisted by David Neild from Hasselblad #LB7 holding the lights
hasselblad-graphistudio-wedding-masterclass-stanbury-photography 003

hasselblad-graphistudio-wedding-masterclass-stanbury-photography 005

hasselblad-graphistudio-wedding-masterclass-stanbury-photography 006
Another room in the stunning Pallazo D’Atimis this time to include the amazing ceiling (shot with a 24mm lens & flash balanced to keep the highlights in the window behind)
venice-weddings-stanbury-photography 005
Mark Witney from Hasselblad shows the delegates the array of functions on the new Hasselblad H5d 50 cmos
hasselblad-graphistudio-wedding-masterclass-stanbury-photography 007
Our two gorgeous Bride models Lorella & Stephanie take a break
hasselblad-graphistudio-wedding-masterclass-stanbury-photography 008
Back to shooting, this time Lorella on the staircase, just with available light & a little fill flash.
hasselblad-graphistudio-wedding-masterclass-stanbury-photography 009

venice-weddings-stanbury-photography 008
Outside in the Palace Gardens to get more movement into the shots, Lorella giving the delegates a spin
hasselblad-graphistudio-wedding-masterclass-stanbury-photography 010
One of our speciality shots on weddings, shot to show the power of the Broncolor lights… turning Italian sun to darkness
venice-weddings-stanbury-photography 001
Day 3 we was held at the ‘jaw dropingly’ beautiful Castello Ceconi, words cannot describe how beautiful this place is… it is immaculate and a true testament to the passion for perfection from Tullio Tramotina, the CEO at Graphistudio and whose passion this castle was and is. Time for a quick team shot in front of the castle.
hasselblad-graphistudio-wedding-masterclass-stanbury-photography 017
I wish you could feel just how hot it was this day, 34+ degrees not a cloud in the sky as we grabbed the must have shot, Stephanie & Simone with the most stunning of backdrops
hasselblad-graphistudio-wedding-masterclass-stanbury-photography 012

hasselblad-graphistudio-wedding-masterclass-stanbury-photography 013
Just how beautiful is the Castello Ceconi… one of my favourite shots of the whole trip
venice-weddings-stanbury-photography 002
If the architecture of the Castle exterior wasn’t good enough the inside is Ultra Modern, just unbelievable!!! I shot a bit more fashion style this time with Lorella.
hasselblad-graphistudio-wedding-masterclass-stanbury-photography 014

BridalCeconiCastle 002

BridalCeconiCastle 003
One of my fave shots of Lorella, the ceiling is a mood ceiling and you can choose your colour to match your mood…. how cool is that
BridalCeconiCastle 001

hasselblad-graphistudio-wedding-masterclass-stanbury-photography 015
You have to be careful were you put your camera… Lorella having a go behind the lens, Yes she was photographing me… NO you can’t see the photos ;)
hasselblad-graphistudio-wedding-masterclass-stanbury-photography 016
This amazing day ended with a fabulous Gala meal hosted by Tullio, his daughters Lisa & Alice & our new friends from Graphistudio consisting of local hams,cheeses and the wonderful local wine, an evening both Jane & I will remember for ever. Day 4 was a visit to the Graphistudio factory to see how our (and yours) albums are created. This turned out to be a real eye opener as the albums went from state of the art machinery to next being hand assembled & hand glued to make our stunning albums, I knew that our albums were hand crafted but i really didn’t think so much time,effort and passion was put into the process… we now view our albums in a totally different way, I knew they were the best (thats why we only use Graphistudio albums) but now I know why. Unfortunately due to the nature of the process we were unable to take photographs inside the factory but did get another group shot outside… then a lift back with my good friend Francesco in the Hummer… Brilliant!!
hasselblad-graphistudio-wedding-masterclass-stanbury-photography 018
I have so many people to thank for creating & making this a truly amazing few days not only for Jane & myself but the delegates also. Thanks to the Hasselblad/Broncolor guys Mark for all his planning,organising & patience,David & my new #LB Colin. Graphistudio Uk Jeremy & Martin for the UK planning, Graphistudio Italy, Dario, Lisa, Alice, Chiara and Tullio and not forgetting the fixer, Francesco if we needed it he got it, what a guy!!!! a huge thanks to our models Stephanie, Lorella & my double Simone :) to my co host Milosz & our awesome delegates who without this would never have taken place, thank you, and last but not least to Jane who took the behind the scenes shots, helped the models, ran around looking after the delegates and putting up with my rubbish Italian. This was a truly fabulous intensive few days that have left memories with me that will last forever :) Now the planning starts for next years trip… you interested????

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Thornton Manor Wedding Photographers – Zoe & Gary’s Wedding

Thornton Manor Wedding Photographers – Zoe & Gary’s Wedding

Weddings at Thornton Manor are special, its one of our favourite Cheshire Wedding venue’s and we are so glad that Zoe & Gary trusted us to be their Thornton Manor Wedding Photographers as the day exceeded our expectations, in short it was AMAZING!!!! Zoe & Gary had put so much planning into their big day and it sure paid off as even the weather was perfect. We arrived and Zoe was feeling a little nervous as she stepped into her gorgeous dress but as she made her triumphant walk down the aisle with a very proud mum I’m sure Gary would have to admit he had a tear in his eye, Zoe looked stunning & so did Gary. Under clear blue skies we chatted & mingled, laughed & grabbed some great shots of just how much fun this day was. Thornton Manor is a Wedding Photographers dream venue the locations & lighting are perfect for our style of wedding photography and Zoe & Gary made our job so easy, they are so much in love its crazy!!! and as the sun started to set at the end of a perfect day the lighting was just superb, a gorgeous summers evening topped of with lovely colours and then party time…… and to make Zoe & Gary’s wedding even MORE perfect they gave a great first dance, followed by one crazy party. Yep this was a great wedding. D&Jxx
thornton-manor-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography 001

thornton-manor-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography 002

thornton-manor-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography 003

thornton-manor-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography 004

thornton-manor-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography 005

thornton-manor-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography 006

thornton-manor-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography 007

thornton-manor-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography 008

thornton-manor-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography 009

thornton-manor-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography 010

thornton-manor-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography 011

thornton-manor-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography 012

thornton-manor-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography 013

thornton-manor-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography 014

thornton-manor-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography 015

thornton-manor-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography 016

thornton-manor-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography 017

thornton-manor-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography 018

thornton-manor-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography 019

thornton-manor-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography 020

thornton-manor-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography 021

thornton-manor-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography 022

thornton-manor-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography 023

thornton-manor-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography 024

thornton-manor-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography 025

thornton-manor-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography 026

thornton-manor-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography 027

thornton-manor-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography 028

thornton-manor-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography 029

thornton-manor-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography 030

thornton-manor-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography 031

thornton-manor-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography 032

thornton-manor-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography 033

thornton-manor-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography 034

thornton-manor-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography 035

thornton-manor-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography 036
A huge thank you to Zoe & Gary for their amazing hospitality and just giving us some great images and to everybody who was lucky enough to attend this wedding, it was such a fun day. Thornton Manor is one of our all time fave venues if your planning a wedding here then you need an Experienced Thornton Manor Wedding Photographer…. you need us ;) get in touch. D&J xx

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