Hasselblad & Broncolor Present ShootLDN

wedding photography masterclass stanbury photography
Hasselblad & Broncolor Present ShootLDN
I have had many special moments in my photography life with awards, stunning weddings & amazing couples but to be asked by the most prestigious professional camera company in the world to be part of their 2 day flagship show has to be up there at the top. Now for those who are not photography minded here is a quick explanation of what ShootLDN is all about…… Hasselblad make the ultimate in Professional Cameras & Broncolor make the best flash lights (thats the easy bit) ShootLDN (really its Shoot London)is a concept that brings the top of the Professional Photography Trade with high end professional Photographers under one roof offering them the chance to get hands on equipment, meet other suppliers like Epson Printers, Adobe Photo Software,Eizo Monitors,Aston Martin Racing for example attend workshops & seminars by leading figures in the industry in the guise of Fashion Magazines, Model Agencies, Agents & also demonstrations of photography techniques and much much more.The event was held for the second year at the uber cool Old Trueman Brewery building in Shoreditch London, the Old Trueman Brewery has an amazing feel and draws in fashionable creative people from all parts of the city, a perfect venue for ShootLDN.
wedding photography masterclass stanbury photography
The show had photography Studios set up for Fashion shoots, commercial & product shoots with models (supplied by Lenis Models) available to shoot with the Hasselblad Cameras (to a chocolate lover its the same as being put in a room filled to the brim with chocolate and being told… help yourself, YES that good!!!)
wedding photography masterclass stanbury photography

wedding photography masterclass stanbury photography

wedding photography masterclass stanbury photography

wedding photography masterclass stanbury photography
I was asked to hold 2 Wedding Masterclasses, the first being all about our business,our photography style & how we design & shoot our wedding albums the second all about how we create our signature images & how to position/pose the couple for the best results.I was humbled that both Masterclasses were full as ShootLDN even though aimed at ALL Professional Photographers its mainly the Fashion & Commercial world that attends en mass so to see so many at my Masterclasses made me proud to be representing Wedding Photography.
wedding photography masterclass stanbury photography

wedding photography masterclass stanbury photography
At the end of day one as the sun set over the City (London never sleeps) we had an amazing evening in London ready for day 2. This was the view from our room (sorry for the touristy holiday style snap but I love the London skyline)
wedding photography masterclass stanbury photography
Day 2- all about posing the Bride & Groom. A huge thanks to the stunning Grace from Leni’s models for being the perfect bride…..
wedding photography masterclass stanbury photography
And to Jon from Karl Taylor Photography for being a great sport and stepping is as the Groom, much to the entertainment of Karl and the rest of his team. Talking of Karl Taylor Photography…. Karl is in my eyes the best photography educator there is bar none, if your serious about taking your photography to the highest level then check out his website www.karltaylorphotography.com
wedding photography masterclass stanbury photography
And not forgetting Chris Burfoot from Broncolor (who support us with our location & studio flash equipment) being a great sport as my plus sized model, much to the entertainment of the audience. Cheers Chris :)
wedding photography masterclass stanbury photography
And as always finishing by showing our range of wedding albums and other presentation products from the brilliant Graphistudio (Graphistudio supply ALL our Wedding Albums because they are the BEST!!!!!)
wedding photography masterclass stanbury photography
A huge thanks has to go to Mark Witney, UK Marketing Manager for Hasselblad who organised the whole show so high5 to him for another amazing ShootLDN, to All my Hasselblad & Broncolor friends (for their friendship & support with cameras & lights) to Graphistudio for as always backing me up and to all my Photo trade friends who also attended and made this the best ShootLDN yet!!!! but most of all to the people who took the time to attend my Masterclasses and for the wonderful comments & friendship that they showed to me, I really was humbled. If you want to know more about ShootLDN here is the link, check it out…….. heres to ShootLDN 2015 D&J xx

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Rivington Hall Barn Wedding Photographers – Dan & Megan’s Wedding

Rivington Hall Barn Wedding Photographers – Dan & Megan’s Wedding

rivington-hall-barn-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography-wigan 020
Megan & Dan are an amazing couple as we have found out over the year & a half we have known them since they booked us as their Rivington Hall Barn Wedding Photographers and to say their wedding was brilliant is an understatement. The day started at Megans with her family & crazy Bridesmaids with a very nervous Dan arriving with the lads at the stunning St John’s church to meet the guests, I love this church its just beautiful inside. Megan looked gorgeous in her Enzoani wedding dress as her very proud Father walked her down the aisle. The reception was held at Rivington Hall Barn surrounded by the beautiful Lancashire countryside. Rivington Hall Barn is becoming our second home and we LOVE the place…. the staff are amazing :) . What better way is there spend a wedding day than drinks on the lawns, shooting gorgeous images in the scenic surroundings all topped of with great speeches and a fabulous evening of dancing,laughing & just enjoying this gorgeous couple amazing wedding. Megan & Dan were a joy to photograph and after we had the Pre Wedding Shoot earlier in the year we had been sooooo looking forward to their wedding…. and it didn’t disappoint. What an epic day!!!!!
rivington-hall-barn-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography-wigan 001

rivington-hall-barn-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography-wigan 002

rivington-hall-barn-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography-wigan 003

rivington-hall-barn-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography-wigan 004

rivington-hall-barn-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography-wigan 005

rivington-hall-barn-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography-wigan 006

rivington-hall-barn-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography-wigan 007

rivington-hall-barn-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography-wigan 008

rivington-hall-barn-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography-wigan 009

rivington-hall-barn-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography-wigan 010

rivington-hall-barn-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography-wigan 011

rivington-hall-barn-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography-wigan 012

rivington-hall-barn-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography-wigan 013

rivington-hall-barn-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography-wigan 014

rivington-hall-barn-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography-wigan 015

rivington-hall-barn-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography-wigan 016

rivington-hall-barn-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography-wigan 017

rivington-hall-barn-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography-wigan 018

rivington-hall-barn-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography-wigan 019

rivington-hall-barn-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography-wigan 020

rivington-hall-barn-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography-wigan 021

rivington-hall-barn-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography-wigan 022

rivington-hall-barn-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography-wigan 023

rivington-hall-barn-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography-wigan 024

rivington-hall-barn-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography-wigan 025

rivington-hall-barn-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography-wigan 026

rivington-hall-barn-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography-wigan 027

rivington-hall-barn-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography-wigan 028

rivington-hall-barn-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography-wigan 029

rivington-hall-barn-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography-wigan 030
A huge thanks to Megan & Dan for their wonderful hospitality and for just being a fab couple to photograph.D&J xx If your planning a wedding and need an experienced Rivington Hall Barn wedding Photographer then get in touch, Rivington Hall Barn one of our Fave Wedding venues and we LOVE working here. xx

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Bartle Hall Wedding Photography – preview

Bartle Hall Wedding Photography – coming soon David & Dawns Wedding

What an gorgeous couple David & Dawn make, and what a brilliant day we had at Bartle Hall coming soon to the blog… but heres a quick image to show just how gorgeous they are. ;)

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Rivington Hall Barn Wedding Photography – sneak peek

Rivington Hall Barn Wedding Photography – sneak peek

Not long till we post Kris & Ellens wedding at Rivington Hall Barn, a stunning venue for a stunning wedding all topped off with a perfect end to the day.

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Holker Hall Wedding Photography – Claire & Steven

Holker Hall Wedding Photography – Claire & Steven’s Wedding

You just have to love the Lake District its simply a perfect place to marry, with its stunning views & stately homes and there is no more a stunning Lake District wedding venue than Holker Hall. Set in its simply gorgeous gardens we are so glad that Claire & Steven chose us as their Holker Hall Wedding Photographers, it is perfect for our style of wedding photography and we LOVE the place. Claire & Steven are from Paisley in Scotland but fell in love with Holker Hall on one of their visits & it was always Claire’s dream to have an outdoor wedding and on the day the weather played its part, it was perfect as was their wedding. The day started at a local hotel with Claire and her bridesmaids on one side of the hotel & Steven & his mates on the other and as we arrived at Holker Hall their amazing staff were busy with the finishing touches. Claire & Steven opted for a humanist ceremony, I just love humanist ceremonies they are such a personal way to marry and with tears and laughter we cheered the new Mr & Mrs Jamieson. Holker Hall has the most stunning gardens and they are HUGE we could have spent hours and still only used a small part but during the previous Pre Wedding Shoot we had chosen the photo locations and Claire & Steven are so easy to photograph we had great time creating some beautiful images. A great meal (including the famous Cartmel Sticky Toffee pudding) and great speeches introduced an brilliant evening of dancing and just having a great Scottish shindig. We loved every minute of Claire & Stevens wedding and as we drove home we kept laughing and chatting about how this day was so special.
holker-hall-wedding-photography-lake-district-stanbury 001

holker-hall-wedding-photography-lake-district-stanbury 002

holker-hall-wedding-photography-lake-district-stanbury 003

holker-hall-wedding-photography-lake-district-stanbury 004

holker-hall-wedding-photography-lake-district-stanbury 005

holker-hall-wedding-photography-lake-district-stanbury 007

holker-hall-wedding-photography-lake-district-stanbury 008

holker-hall-wedding-photography-lake-district-stanbury 009

holker-hall-wedding-photography-lake-district-stanbury 009a

holker-hall-wedding-photography-lake-district-stanbury 010

holker-hall-wedding-photography-lake-district-stanbury 012

holker-hall-wedding-photography-lake-district-stanbury 013

holker-hall-wedding-photography-lake-district-stanbury 014

holker-hall-wedding-photography-lake-district-stanbury 015

holker-hall-wedding-photography-lake-district-stanbury 016

holker-hall-wedding-photography-lake-district-stanbury 017

holker-hall-wedding-photography-lake-district-stanbury 018

holker-hall-wedding-photography-lake-district-stanbury 019

holker-hall-wedding-photography-lake-district-stanbury 020

holker-hall-wedding-photography-lake-district-stanbury 021

holker-hall-wedding-photography-lake-district-stanbury 022

holker-hall-wedding-photography-lake-district-stanbury 023

holker-hall-wedding-photography-lake-district-stanbury 024

holker-hall-wedding-photography-lake-district-stanbury 025

holker-hall-wedding-photography-lake-district-stanbury 026

holker-hall-wedding-photography-lake-district-stanbury 027

holker-hall-wedding-photography-lake-district-stanbury 028

holker-hall-wedding-photography-lake-district-stanbury 029

holker-hall-wedding-photography-lake-district-stanbury 030

holker-hall-wedding-photography-lake-district-stanbury 031

holker-hall-wedding-photography-lake-district-stanbury 032

holker-hall-wedding-photography-lake-district-stanbury 033

holker-hall-wedding-photography-lake-district-stanbury 034
A huge thanks to Claire & Steven for allowing us to be part of their fab Holker Hall wedding. If youre looking for an experienced Holker Hall wedding photographer then please get in touch, this is a stunning Lake District wedding venue and we can’t wait to shoot another wedding here. D&J xx

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Peckforton Castle Wedding Photographers – sneak peek

Peckforton Castle Wedding Photographers – sneak peek

David & Gillian’s Peckforton Castle wedding was as stunning as the surroundings and its coming soon to the blog
peckforton castle wedding photographers stanbury photography

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Vincent Hotel Wedding Photography – sneak peek

Vincent Hotel Wedding Photography – sneak peek Simon & Leah

The ├╝ber chic cocktail bar at The Vincent Hotel in Southport was the perfect setting for Simon & Leah’s wedding… coming soon to the blog

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Hoghton Tower Wedding Photography – Dan & Rebecca

Hoghton Tower Wedding Photography – Rebecca & Daniels Wedding

hoghton-tower-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography-wigan 020
I have to be honest we had been looking forward to Rebecca & Daniels Wedding at Hoghton Tower ever since we shot their pre wedding shoot earlier in the year and we weren’t disappointed. We are so glad that Rebecca & Dan chose Stanbury Photography as their Hoghton Tower Wedding Photographers as this wedding was AMAZING!!! After all the worries of will it rain won’t it rain the weather turned out to be perfect.Jane arrived at Rebecca’s parents house and after she had put on her amazing dress the tears flowed as Dad saw her for the first time, I met Dan and the lads at the church and I have to say with his designer suit & shoes he too looked the part. Hoghton Tower is a stunning Lancashire wedding venue & perfect of our style of wedding photography add to that a gorgeous couple & fabulous fun loving guests then you have all the ingredients for a truly memorable wedding and after very emotional speeches the party really got going and what an atmosphere… the guest really razed the roof on a brilliant evening all topped off with some great evening shots of the new Mr & Mrs Rennox.

hoghton-tower-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography-wigan 001

hoghton-tower-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography-wigan 002

hoghton-tower-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography-wigan 003

hoghton-tower-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography-wigan 004

hoghton-tower-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography-wigan 005

hoghton-tower-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography-wigan 006

hoghton-tower-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography-wigan 007

hoghton-tower-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography-wigan 008

hoghton-tower-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography-wigan 009

hoghton-tower-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography-wigan 010

hoghton-tower-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography-wigan 011

hoghton-tower-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography-wigan 012

hoghton-tower-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography-wigan 013

hoghton-tower-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography-wigan 014

hoghton-tower-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography-wigan 015

hoghton-tower-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography-wigan 016

hoghton-tower-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography-wigan 017

hoghton-tower-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography-wigan 018

hoghton-tower-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography-wigan 019

hoghton-tower-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography-wigan 020

hoghton-tower-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography-wigan 021

hoghton-tower-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography-wigan 022

hoghton-tower-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography-wigan 023

hoghton-tower-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography-wigan 024

hoghton-tower-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography-wigan 025

hoghton-tower-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography-wigan 026

hoghton-tower-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography-wigan 027

hoghton-tower-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography-wigan 027a

hoghton-tower-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography-wigan 028

hoghton-tower-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography-wigan 029
A huge thank you to Rebecca & Dan for choosing us to shoot their amazing Hoghton Tower wedding and if you looking for an experienced Hoghton Tower Wedding Photographer then don’t hesitate to get in touch… we love this venue :) ttfn D&J xx

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Holker Hall Wedding Photography – sneak peek

Holker Hall Wedding Photography – sneak peek Steven & Claire

Our first visit to this amazing lake district wedding venue for Steven & Claire’s wedding at Holker Hall and it had everything… outdoor ceremony, great guests & a gorgeous bride & groom. Coming to the blog soon

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Eaves Hall Wedding Photography – sneak peek Neil & Kate

Eaves Hall Wedding Photography – Sneak Peek Kate & Neil

What an amazing Lancashire Wedding Venue Eaves Hall is and what a place for Neil & Kate to tie the knot. Check out their wedding coming to the blog soon. D&J xx

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