Fashion Photography- Graphistudio, Italy

Fashion Photography with Graphistudio & Hasselblad

love photographing amazing outfits & people in stunning locations be that a wedding or as in this case a fashion shoot, and what could be more glamorous than shooting a designer dress with a wonderful model in the magnificent Liverpool city centre. As regular followers of our blog will know I recently had the honour or speaking at the Photography Show at the NEC in Birmingham and one of our sponsors Graphistudio of Italy had a dress made consisting of all the sample leather covers that they offered on their amazing wedding albums and as the show came to an end I was approached to photograph the dress. As if this wasn’t enough our other sponsors Hasselblad Cameras invited me to shoot the dress with their new camera the fantastic H5D 50 cmos boasting a 50 megapixel back and 14 stops of Dynamic range (thats photographer talk for its a fab quality camera)and here are the results of the evenings fun. We started at one of my fave locations St Georges Hall in the city centre with our brilliant model Bethany…
fashion photography by David & Jane Stanbury
Then as the light faded we finished on the Waterfront
fashion photography by David & Jane Stanbury
A huge thanks to Jeremy Price of Graphistudio, Designer Aleah Leigh Fashion Designs, Mark Witney of Hasselblad, Broncolour for our lighting and of course our model Bethany Cammack. The whole shoot was filmed for a photography TV channel so will share that with you when it comes out, a great evenings fun as our busiest wedding season ever is about to start. ttfn David x

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Rivington Barn – Pre Wedding Photography

Jonathan & Jennifer’s wedding is in a few weeks at the gorgeous Rivington Barn so we decided to go for a walk around for a nosey & of course I took my camera. What a great couple they are and we can’t wait for the wedding. Heres a few from our visit, keep an eye on the blog for their wedding, its going to be fabulous. D x
rivington-barn-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography-wigan 001rivington-barn-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography-wigan 002rivington-barn-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography-wigan 003rivington-barn-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography-wigan 004rivington-barn-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography-wigan 005rivington-barn-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography-wigan 006

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Contemporary Children’s Photography

Contemporary Children’s Photography – Introducing Evan

Its always nice to photograph children, I love the fact of will they or won’t they??? and at the end of the shoot they alway deliver the shots that we want, as was the case with Evan when he came in for his portrait. As a parent we all want photographs of our kids laughing, smiling and generally looking happy but as a photographer I LOVE images that make you think… whats he thinking? as your drawn into the image with Evans piercing eyes. Saying that he’s probably thinking… who is this idiot behind the camera.
We offer Studio & Location portraits, Interested? then get in touch. D&J xx

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Lumley Castle Wedding Photography – Martin & Jane

Lumley Castle Wedding Photography – Martin & Jane’s Wedding

I have to say I am so glad Martin & Jane booked us as their Lumley Castle Wedding Photographers, it really is a stunning Durham Wedding Venue.We arrived the evening before and had a stroll around the castle with Martin & Jane it was obvious that their wedding was going to be special and it really was. The weather had been iffy to say the least but on the wedding day it was dry, bit err windy but dry:). Jane joined Jane (so many Jane’s) as she was getting ready & I grabbed a few shots of a rather calm Martin & his best man before the ceremony in the stunning waterford room. As the guests chatted we managed to grab a few shots in & around the castle, this venue has wonderful lighting you can really get some great atmospheric shots. The meal was served in the sumptuous Barons Hall a wonderful setting for a wedding. Dad gave a very emotional speech as did Martin & his best man… ok his best man just destroyed Martin but it was emotional :) . Lumley Castle is as stunning at night as it is during the day & we were lucky the weather held off so we could get some shots around the castle all lit up. I love first dances and a really nice touch is when Jane had a dance with her Dad, who by now had relaxed and really enjoyed himself and if that wasn’t enough a serenade by Janes Brother just to add that little bit more emotion into a wonderfully emotional,fun wedding. This really was a great day and as we left for our 3 1/2 hour journey home we had a smile on our face and some great images to share with you……. enjoy

From Martin & Jane….

Thank you so much for capturing our special day. You were both brilliant & helped us stay calm and relaxed. We had such a perfect day and can’t wait to see our wedding photographs, were sure they will be AMAZING! Thanks again for everything, Martin & Janelumley-castle-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography-wigan 001

lumley-castle-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography-wigan 002

lumley-castle-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography-wigan 003

lumley-castle-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography-wigan 005

lumley-castle-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography-wigan 006

lumley-castle-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography-wigan 007

lumley-castle-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography-wigan 008

lumley-castle-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography-wigan 009

lumley-castle-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography-wigan 010

lumley-castle-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography-wigan 011

lumley-castle-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography-wigan 012

lumley-castle-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography-wigan 013

lumley-castle-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography-wigan 014

lumley-castle-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography-wigan 015

lumley-castle-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography-wigan 016

lumley-castle-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography-wigan 017

lumley-castle-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography-wigan 018

lumley-castle-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography-wigan 020

lumley-castle-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography-wigan 021

lumley-castle-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography-wigan 023

lumley-castle-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography-wigan 024

lumley-castle-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography-wigan 025

lumley-castle-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography-wigan 026

lumley-castle-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography-wigan 027

lumley-castle-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography-wigan 028

lumley-castle-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography-wigan 029

lumley-castle-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography-wigan 030

lumley-castle-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography-wigan 032

lumley-castle-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography-wigan 033
A huge thanks to Martin,Jane & their family and friends for their hospitality and choosing us as their Wedding Photographers.We LOVE Lumley Castle and if you need an experienced Lumley Castle Wedding photographer then please get in touch. D&J xx

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The Photography Show – update

The Photography Show 2014

The Photography Show was held at the NEC in Birmingham at the beginning of March and is the replacement for what was Europe’s Largest Photography Trade show Focus On Imaging and the trade was wondering would the new show be as big, as popular as the old Focus Show… well it was & BETTER. We had the honour & pleasure of presenting a few workshops & seminars at the show for 2 of our sponsors Hasselblad Cameras & Graphistudio Italian Albums and the response has been fantastic.
Our first workshop was for our (& your) wedding album supplier Graphistudio of Italy. Its always a pleasure to work with the fantastic Graphistudio gang they all fly in for the show from Arba near Venice and are great company they never stop smiling, especially for Steak & Ale Pie & Sticky Toffee Pudding (they LOVE English food). Next we presented our workshop for the legendary Hasselblad Cameras, those photographers who follow my blog will know Hasselblad as the Rolls Royce of cameras (they even supplied the cameras for the first moon landing) and what a laugh we had. For the workshop I had a professional Bridal model but no Male model so David from Hasselblad stood in & did a fine job as did a rather shy Mark (well he stood in as a bride, sorry Mark)
Its always great to meet up with our Photography friends aswell at these shows including our good friends Paul & Sarah Wilkinson,Andrew Younger,Sean Conboy & Karl Taylor and his team over from the channel islands. Thanks to Graphistudio, Hasselbad and their great people & Hannah my model but especially Marvin & Martin (my Graphistudio models) & David,Mark & Maxi (my Hasselblad models) for being great sports. We also met up with some amazing designers, MUA’s and fantastic creative people and we are looking forward to some really exciting collaborations in the future, and last but by no means least a HUGE thanks to all who came to the workshops & seminars we hope you found them informative, inspiring but most of all FUN. D&J xx

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Lumley Castle Wedding Photography – coming soon

Lumley Castle Wedding Photography – coming soon Martin & Jane’s Wedding

What a stunning venue Lumley Castle is, can’t wait to share with you Martin & Jane’s wedding at one of Durham’s premier wedding venues. lumley-castle-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography

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The Photography Show – Europe’s Largest Photo Trade Show

Wedding Photography Workshops by David Stanbury FBIPP,FSWPP

Well we have a crazy busy weekend ahead at Europe’s Largest Photography Trade Show- The Photography Show- at the NEC nr Birmingham. I have to say I am thrilled to have been asked by 3 of the industries heavyweights to present a wedding photography workshop for them at the show. First up you can find us on the Graphistudio Stage (Graphistudio are based in Italy & the worlds largest Album Manufacturer,oh & they make our/your wedding albums) then its on the stage for Hasselblad & Broncolor (Hasselblad are the TOP Pro camera company & Broncolor the leading Flash Manufacturers) heres the schedule for you photographers out there……

Photography workshops by David Stanbury
Its always a high point for us as we get to meet up other photographers from around the UK including the uber talented Paul & Sarah Wilkinson from the picturesque village of Haddenham, Andy Younger from Plymouth & Martin Baynes and Jeremy Price who are the main men with Graphistudio UK, Mark Witney and Chris Burfoot from Hasselblad & Broncolor who are some of our closest friends in the Industry. So heres to a great weekend, teaching, hopefully inspiring, maybe buying and no doubt celebrating with friends old & new. ttfn D

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Haigh Hall Wedding Photography – Amanda & Chris’s Wedding

Haigh Hall Wedding Photography by David & Jane Stanbury

This was the first of whats looking like a fantastic 2014 and what a way to start with Amanda & Christophers wedding at the Stunning Haigh Hall, our local wedding venue & one we are proud to be recommended by. The weather was what we have come to expect a bit wet & windy but the inside of the Hall is perfect for wedding photography. Chris was quite nervous as he arrived but as the photography continued & guests arrived he soon calmed down, not so the best man he was thinking of his speech later in the day. Amanda looked radiant as she was walked down the aisle by her very proud mum and with a few tears and laughs Amanda & Chris became Mr & Mrs Walton in front of family & friends. Haigh Hall with its big windows & amazing views over the woos always impresses people who visit & with great food & service is perfect for your wedding, and this proved just so for Chris & Amanda. A great ‘mother of the Bride’ speech and then it was down to the groom to thank everybody & finally a brilliant best mans speech. Don’t know what he was nervous for. We are so glad that Chris & Amanda booked us as their Haigh Hall Wedding Photographer & it was a pleasure to capture all the fun as these two wonderful peoples lives changed forever
haigh-hall-wedding-photography-lancashire-wedding-photography-stanbury-wigan 001
haigh-hall-wedding-photography-lancashire-wedding-photography-stanbury-wigan 002
haigh-hall-wedding-photography-lancashire-wedding-photography-stanbury-wigan 003
haigh-hall-wedding-photography-lancashire-wedding-photography-stanbury-wigan 004
haigh-hall-wedding-photography-lancashire-wedding-photography-stanbury-wigan 005
haigh-hall-wedding-photography-lancashire-wedding-photography-stanbury-wigan 006
haigh-hall-wedding-photography-lancashire-wedding-photography-stanbury-wigan 007
haigh-hall-wedding-photography-lancashire-wedding-photography-stanbury-wigan 009
haigh-hall-wedding-photography-lancashire-wedding-photography-stanbury-wigan 010
haigh-hall-wedding-photography-lancashire-wedding-photography-stanbury-wigan 011
haigh-hall-wedding-photography-lancashire-wedding-photography-stanbury-wigan 012
haigh-hall-wedding-photography-lancashire-wedding-photography-stanbury-wigan 013
haigh-hall-wedding-photography-lancashire-wedding-photography-stanbury-wigan 013a
haigh-hall-wedding-photography-lancashire-wedding-photography-stanbury-wigan 014
haigh-hall-wedding-photography-lancashire-wedding-photography-stanbury-wigan 015
haigh-hall-wedding-photography-lancashire-wedding-photography-stanbury-wigan 016
haigh-hall-wedding-photography-lancashire-wedding-photography-stanbury-wigan 017
A hugh thanks to Amanda & Chris for choosing us as their Haigh Hall Wedding Photographer & if your planning a wedding at Haigh Hall then please get in touch and find out what we can do for you & your wedding

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Peckforton Castle Wedding Photography – coming soon

Peckforton Castle Wedding Photography – coming soon Greg & Sara’s wedding

Cant think what I love most about Greg & Sara’s Wedding at Peckforton Castle….. was it the stunning venue, the gorgeous weather or the fact that Greg & Sara are a fantastic couple & a joy to photograph. Cant wait to show you Greg & Sara’s big day soon….

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Upwaltham Barns Wedding Photography

Upwaltham Barns Wedding Photography – Charlotte & Owen

Our last wedding of 2013 found us in the beautiful West Sussex Wedding Venue Upwaltham Barns and what an end to 2013. We knew Charlotte & Owens wedding would be fantastic and we are so glad they booked us as their Upwaltham Barns Wedding Photographer as it didn’t disappoint with everybody enjoying themselves and lots of laughter and a few tears during the day. Upwaltham Barns is in a gorgeous part of the world and is run by super friendly people, they really made us feel welcome.

The day started with a very relaxed Charlotte, her mum & bridesmaids in the bridal suite with make up,hair and the essential champagne. Owen with his best men & ushers arrived and what a great bunch of lads, it was also great to see Owens brother Rhys who’s wedding we had the pleasure of shooting a few years ago. Charlotte looked amazing and smiled all day, and Owen looked the part as well. The ceremony in front of over a hundred guests was accompanied with tears and laughter, tears at the ceremony & laughter as the best men having an “issue with the wedding rings” and lets leave it there ;) . The Bride & Groom left to the largest confettis shower EVER!!! and with drinks in the courtyard the day and laughter continued. The Barn is fantastic for our style of wedding photography, blending a vintage theme with modern techniques all wrapped up with gorgeous countryside. Great speeches followed a wonderful meal & to top things of a well rehearsed first dance involving their friends was the start of an evening of dancing and laughter, like I said a fantastic wedding to end a fantastic year and with music and laughter we also joined in the fun, well it would be rude to leave a party early ;)  Heres Charlotte & Owens wedding …. enjoy
Upwaltham Barns wedding Photography by David & Jane Stanbury
Upwaltham Barns wedding Photography by David & Jane Stanbury
Upwaltham Barns wedding Photography by David & Jane Stanbury
Upwaltham Barns wedding Photography by David & Jane Stanbury
Upwaltham Barns wedding Photography by David & Jane Stanbury
A very proud DadUpwaltham Barns wedding Photography by David & Jane Stanbury
Upwaltham Barns wedding Photography by David & Jane Stanbury
Upwaltham Barns wedding Photography by David & Jane Stanbury
Upwaltham Barns wedding Photography by David & Jane Stanbury
Upwaltham Barns wedding Photography by David & Jane Stanbury
Upwaltham Barns wedding Photography by David & Jane Stanbury
Upwaltham Barns wedding Photography by David & Jane Stanbury
Upwaltham Barns wedding Photography by David & Jane Stanbury
Upwaltham Barns wedding Photography by David & Jane Stanbury
Upwaltham Barns wedding Photography by David & Jane Stanbury
Upwaltham Barns wedding Photography by David & Jane Stanbury
Upwaltham Barns wedding Photography by David & Jane Stanbury
Upwaltham Barns wedding Photography by David & Jane Stanbury
Upwaltham Barns wedding Photography by David & Jane Stanbury
Upwaltham Barns wedding Photography by David & Jane Stanbury
Upwaltham Barns wedding Photography by David & Jane StanburyWe managed a few evening shots around the venue. I love the romance in these images, just sums up the day
Upwaltham Barns wedding Photography by David & Jane Stanbury
Upwaltham Barns wedding Photography by David & Jane Stanbury
Upwaltham Barns wedding Photography by David & Jane Stanbury
Upwaltham Barns wedding Photography by David & Jane Stanbury
Upwaltham Barns wedding Photography by David & Jane Stanbury
Upwaltham Barns wedding Photography by David & Jane Stanbury

A Huge thanks to Charlotte, Owen and their family & friends for a great day and for making us feel so welcome and to all the staff the venue looked wonderful

If your getting married at Upwaltham Barns are looking for an experienced Upwaltham Barns Wedding Photograher then please get in touch, we would love to shoot at this wedding venue again. ttfn D&J xx

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