As Wedding Photographers we do have the best job in the world and its with all these weddings over the years that we have had the pleasure of capturing memories, documenting moments in time & creating our stunning Signature Bride & Groom shots that have created ‘OUR STYLE’. We understand that your wedding is a day that you will want to celebrate with loved ones, meet old friends and spend time with each other swell as getting some amazing photographs of the two of you & this is at the heart of our photography. As photographers its hard to describe our style, its easier to show you….


We love the moments that are just you two in your own world, when the looks you give say “this is the best day of our lives”

award winning wedding photographers stanbury photography

Natural & Relaxed… of course, its all about you & its your day

award winning wedding photographers stanbury photography

Images that simply say ….I Love You


Your wedding day is an amazing series of stories not staged events, we disappear  into the background to capture the story of your day, those moments that you don’t see or don’t ever want to forget.

award winning wedding photographers stanbury photography

A priceless moment when a Dad see’s his baby girl is now a beautiful young woman.

award winning wedding photographers stanbury photography

And that moment when you finally become… Husband & Wife


One of the best emotions you see at Weddings is laughter, why does wedding photography have to be stiff & boring. In years to come you will look back on the fun images we captured and say “boy did we have a great day” Some of our favourite comments we have received from our couples has been how we seemed more like guests than photographers and  how we made everybody feel at ease.

award winning wedding photographers stanbury photography

family photos…. who says they have to be boring & staged

award winning wedding photographers stanbury photography

Will we jump on the dance floor and get all the crazy fun of your evening…. You Bet!!!


We want your wedding to be different from the stereotype, we don’t settle for the standard boring photos, we push the boundaries of photography and love it when clients go “WOW, thats so different” after all your unique so shouldn’t your wedding photography be unique


cheshire & lancashire wedding photographers

Our creative use of light gives a different look to Mitton Hall, we dont settle for the norm

cheshire & lancashire wedding photographers

We love to find the best locations for your wedding photographs, Ivan & Julie wanted Lake Ullswater in their photos, I think we managed that.

Photographing weddings is what we do, its what we LOVE and creating photographic memories is now our life.If you want to have a look at some of our weddings check out our REAL WEDDINGS, want to have a look at our latest work then visit OUR BLOG, love our style and want to know more about our wedding photography packages or arrange a chat then GET IN TOUCH. We would love to photograph your wedding. D&J xx